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Ben Franklin's bifocals Friday, July 26, 2013

First Postmaster Ben Franklin
[1775 - Benjamin Franklin is appointed Postmaster of the
US Postal system established by 2nd Continental Congress]

The New York State Seal
[1788 - New York votes to ratify the US Constitution;
becomes the eleventh state]

Artist George Catlin in 1870    George Catlin's Dying Buffalo    Artist George Catlin by Fisk    George Catlin's Mah-To-Toh-Pa
[1796 - George Catlin, artist, author, born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania]

George Bernard Shaw    Writer George Bernard Shaw    Nobel Laureate George Bernard Shaw
[1856 - George Bernard Shaw, Nobel Laureate, playwright, critic, born in Dublin, Ireland]

Psychiatrist Carl Jung    Psychiatrist Carl Jung    Psychiatrist Carl Jung    Psychiatrist Carl Jung    Psychiatrist Carl Jung
[1875 - Carl Gustav Jung, psychologist, psychiatrist, born in Kussnacht, Switzerland]

Writer Aldous Huxley    Writer Aldous Huxley    Aldous Huxley Smoking    Philosopher Aldous Huxley
[1894 - Aldous (Leonard) Huxley, philosopher, satirist, author, born in Godalming, Surrey, England]

The Star of Radio Gracie Allen    Burns and Allen    Actress Gracie Allen
[1895 - Gracie (Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie) Allen, comedian, actress, born in San Francisco]

FBI logo
[1908 - Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is
founded by U.S. Attorney General Bonaparte]

Actress Vivian Vance    Actress Vivian Vance
[1909 - Vivian Vance (Vivian Roberta Jones), Emmy Award-winning actress, born
in Cherryvale, Kansas]

Storyteller Jean Shepherd    Radio Storyteller Jean Shepherd at WOR
[1921 - Jean Parker Shepherd, radio personality, storyteller, writer, born in South Chicago]

Screenwriter Blake Edwards    Director Blake Edwards    Director Blake Edwards    Director Blake Edwards
[1922 - Blake Edwards (William Blake Crump), screenwriter, director, born in Tulsa, Oklahoma]

Actor Jason Robards, Jr.    Actor Jason Robards, Jr.    Actor Jason Robards, Jr.
[1922 - Jason Nelson Robards, Jr., actor, born in Chicago]

Director Stanley Kubrick    Director Stanley Kubrick    Director Stanley Kubrick
[1928 - Stanley Kubrick, director, born in New York City]

Truman Integrates Armed Forces newspaper headline
[1948 - President Harry Truman issues Executive Order No. 9981, desegregating the Armed Services]

Voodoo Medicine?

doctor snapping latex glove

According to a survey published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, (July 2005 issue), fifty-five percent of doctors say their religious beliefs influence how they practice medicine. This news should concern us, whatever our religious persuasion. If one is seeking spiritual advice it matters little that a potential advisor has medical training. Similarly, if one requires the services of a neurosurgeon, one hopes that the doctor would leave his religious beliefs at home, and instead bring to the operating theater all his skill and knowledge of medical science, unencumbered by personal religious convictions.

deranged surgeon with hand tools

William's Whimsical Words:

More than one religious group uses mind-altering drugs as an important part of ritual and spiritual experience. Should your doctor develop the munchies in the middle of your surgery, it may not be a good sign or a confidence builder.

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