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Ben Franklin's bifocals Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Realist Artist Thomas Eakins    Realist Artist Thomas Eakins    Artist Thomas Eakins    Thomas Eakins - The Gross Medical Clinic
[1844 - Thomas Cowperthwait Eakins, painter, photographer, sculptor, educator, born in Philadelphia]

Walter Brennan    Actor Walter Brennan    Actor Walter Brennan
[1894 - Walter (Andrew) Brennan, three time Academy Award-winning actor, born in Swampscott, Massachusetts]

Longshoreman Eric Hoffer    Longshoreman Eric Hoffer    Thinker Eric Hoffer    Eric Hoffer in the San Francisco Public Library - Courtesy of the Eric Hoffer Project
[1902 - Eric Hoffer, longshoreman, thinker, political and social philosopher, author, born in New York City]

Actor Jack Gilford    Actor Jack Gilford
[1908 - Jack Gilford (Jacob Aaron Gellman), actor, born in Manhattan]

Producer David Gerber    Producer David Gerber
[1923 - David Gerber, producer, TV executive, born in Brooklyn]

Actress Estelle Getty    Emmy-winning Actress Estelle Getty
[1923 - Estelle Getty (Scher), Emmy-winning actress, born in New York City]

Hall of Famer Stanley Dancer   Stanley Dancer at work with Nevele Pride    Hall of Famer Stanley Dancer
[1927 - Stanley Dancer, Hall of Fame harness racer, born in Edinburg, New Jersey]

Trumpeter Don Ellis    Trumpeter Don Ellis
[1934 - Don Ellis, Grammy Award-winning jazz trumpeter, composer, born in Los Angeles]

Pole-vault Champion John Pennel    Pole-vault Champion John Pennel
[1940 - John Pennel, pole-vault Champ born in Memphis, Tennessee]

Actress Janet Margolin    Actress Janet Margolin    Actress Janet Margolin
[1943 - Janet Margolin, theater and movie actress, born in Manhattan]

Bear Running Back Walter Payton    Walter Payton, Sweetness    Walter Payton HoF Induction    Walter Payton, Sweetness
[1954 - Walter Payton, Pro Football Hall of Fame Chicago Bears Running Back, born in Columbia, Mississippi]

Stockholm after collision showing bow damage    The Andrea Doria sinking after collision with Stockholm
[1956 - Andrea Doria and Stockholm collide off Nantucket Island in Atlantic fog killing 51 Passengers in Doria (which sinks)]

William's First Law of Social Engineering

A society in motion will tend to remain on the same course and speed, resisting resolutely all forces attempting to act upon it, whether internal or external.

William's Whimsical Words:

This is sometimes referred to as the Law of Monumentum.

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