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Ben Franklin's bifocals Friday, July 12, 2013

Writer Henry David Thoreau    Thoreau's Walden Pond    Writer Henry David Thoreau
[1817 - Henry David Thoreau, philosopher, writer, dissident, born in Concord, Massachusetts]

Physician William Osler Physician William Osler
[1849 - Sir William Osler, physician, teacher, writer, born in Bond Head, Canada West]

George Eastman om his experimental film Kodak Founder George Eastman
[1854 - George Eastman, inventor Kodak camera, born in Waterville, New York]

Medal of Honor of the US Services
[1862 - The Medal of Honor is authorized by the Congress]

George Washington Carver in the field    George Washington Carver statue    George Washington Carver in the lab
[1865 - George Washington Carver, botanist, research scientist, born near Diamond Grove, Missouri]

Oscar Hammerstein   Oscar Hammerstein II
[1895 - Oscar (Greeley Clendenning) Hammerstein II, lyricist, songwriter, born in New York City]

Pablo Neruda reading poetry on the radio
[1904 - Pablo Neruda, poet, Nobel Prize for Literature, born in Parral, Chile]

Comedian Milton Berle    Comedian Milton Berle
[1908 - Milton Berle (Mendel Berlinger), comedian, actor, born in New York City]

Comedian Curly Joe DeRita    Comedian Curly Joe DeRita
[1909 - 'Curly' Joe DeRita (Joseph Wardell), comedian, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

Joey Faye    Comedian Joey Faye
[1909 - Joey Faye (Joseph Antony Palladino), comedian, actor, born in Manhattan]

Artist Andrew Wyeth    Andrew Wyeth - Christina's World
[1917 - Andrew Wyeth, artist, born in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania]

Feel Free to Talk

An old Thirties song, Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone, (Words and Music by Sidney Clare, Sam H. Stept & Bee Palmer), is a classic relationship breakup ballad. William, being of an age when his departure, although perhaps not imminent, is likely of a more permanent nature, offers with sincere apologies to Sid, Sam, & Bee:

Please do talk about me when I'm gone,
Though our touching ceases from now on;
And, if you can't say anything that's nice,
Don't say anything at all, is my advice.

I think I will miss me when I pass on;
And join the majority in the Forrest Lawn.
Makes no difference how I carried on,
Remember, please do talk about me when I'm gone.

William's Whimsical Words:

Or, as Eeyore would put it, "Thanks for noticing me."


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