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Ben Franklin's bifocals Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Inventor Elias Howe    The Howe sewing machine
[1819 - Elias Howe, Jr., sewing machine inventor, born in Spencer, Massachusetts]

Wimbledon - early competition    Wimbledon - the first trophy to be awarded
[1877 - The First lawn tennis tournament at Wimbledon is played]

Composer Ottorino Respighi    Composer Ottorino Respighi
[1879 - Ottorino Respighi, composer, born in Bologna, Italy]

Author Barbara Cartland    Barbara Cartland       Dame Barbara Cartland    Dame Barbara Cartland
[1901 - Dame Barbara Cartland, romance novelist, born in Edgbaston, Birmingham]

Country Singer Eddie Dean
[1907 - Eddie Dean, actor, singer, songwriter,
born in Posey, Texas]

Actress Susan Cabot    Actress Susan Cabot with kittens    Actress Susan Cabot
[1927 - Susan Cabot (Harriet Shapiro), actress, born in Boston]

Actor Vince Edwards
[1928 - Vince Edwards (Vincent Edward Zoino III),
actor, director, born in Brooklyn]

Singer Songwriter Lee Hazlewood
[1929 - (Barton) Lee Hazlewood, songwriter, singer, born in Mannford, Oklahoma]

Badges of Office

A king marching with his scepter The Noble Leader has his Scepter.
The Maid has her Feather Duster. A maid dusting
Neither should get to keep the job,
If real results they cannot muster.

Presidential seal spinning Uncle Sam with bulging dollar sign eyes

William's Whimsical Words:

So, why should we put up with the losers in either category?

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