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Ben Franklin's bifocals Monday, June 30, 2008

[1864 - President Abraham Lincoln signs Yosemite Land Grant]

Aerial View of Tunguska Devastation
[1908 - Tunguska region of Central Siberia hit by huge explosion]
Tunguska Explosion - Downed Trees

Jazz Drummer Buddy Rich
[1917 - Buddy Rich, drummer, orchestra leader, born in Brooklyn]

Actress Susan Hayward
[1918 - Susan Hayward, Academy Award-winning actress, born in Brooklyn]

Magician Harry Blackstone, Jr.
[1934 - Harry Blackstone, Jr., magician, born in Three Rivers, Michigan]

Motown Singer Florence Ballard The Supremes - Flo Ballard on right
[1943 - Florence Ballard, singer (Supremes), born in Rosetta, Mississippi]

[1950 - President Truman orders U.S. forces to Korea]

Raising Children

Would you a successful parent be?
Treat your issue with love given tenderly.
They may survive you it is true.
In spite of all you say and do.

William's Whimsical Words:

Love conquers all, and preserves most of it.

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