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Ben Franklin's bifocals Monday, June 23, 2008

Governor Sam Houston
[1845 - Special session of Texas Legislature votes for annexation by the United States]

Humorist Irvin S. Cobb
[1876 - Irvin S. (Shrewsbury) Cobb, humorist, journalist, born in Paducah Kentucky]

Sex Researcher Alfred Kinsey
[1894 - Dr. Alfred C Kinsey, research scientist, born in Hoboken, New Jersey]

Playwright Jean Anouilh Playwright Jean Anouilh's Antigone
[1910 - Jean (-Marie-Lucien-Pierre) Anouilh, playwright, born in Bordeaux, France]

[1910 - Edward P. Morgan, reporter, born in Walla Walla, Washington]

Actress Irene Worth
[1916 - Irene Worth (Harriet Elizabeth Abrams), Tony Award-winning actress, born in Fairbury, Nebraska]

Choreographer, dancer, Bob Fosse
[1927 - Robert Louis "Bob" Fosse, choreographer, director, dancer, born in Chicago, Illinois]

Country Singer June Carter Cash
[1929 - (Valerie) June Carter Cash, singer, born in Maces Springs, Scott County, Virginia]

Olympic Hall of Fame Champion Wilma Rudolph
[1940 - Wilma Rudolph, Olympic Hall of Famer, born in Clarksville, Tennessee]

[1973 - Dwight Eliott Stone is last person to be drafted into U.S. armed forces]

The Farmer Buys a Dell

computer wizard casting spell computer to computer wireless data transfer computer - farmer typing computer monster emerges

On the farmer with a Dell,
G.W. cast his spell,
Hi-ho, John Kerry-o,
You couldn't ring the bell.

Dick Chaney's head did swell,
Neocons don't kiss and tell,
Hi-ho, to war we go,
The Country's gone to hell.

The lesbian takes a wife,
She risks domestic strife,
Hi-ho, a scandal-o,
No gay should have a life.

The couple has a child,
Gay couple is reviled,
Hi-ho, no marriage-o,
Matrimony can't be defiled.

The child starts to nurse,
Now, what could be worse,
Hi-ho, the consequences-o,
The child must bear a curse.

The nurse takes the vow,
The household takes a bow,
Hi-ho, the outrage-o,
And society has a cow.

Milk Cow cartoon cow cow mooing

The Nation stands alone,
The Big Cheese and his Clone,
Hi-ho, the rich do grow,
The rest of us just groan.

Compassionate Conservative Dick Cheney President Bush sucking his thumb

William's Whimsical Words:

What business is it of yours who someone else chooses to marry?

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