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Ben Franklin's bifocals Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sam Houston
[1845 - Special session of Texas Legislature votes for annexation by the United States]

Jean Anouilh anouilh_jean-antigone
[1910 - Jean (-Marie-Lucien-Pierre) Anouilh, playwright, born in Bordeaux, France]

Bob Fosse
[1927 - Robert Louis "Bob" Fosse, choreographer, director, dancer, born in Chicago, Illinois]

June Carter Cash
[1929 - (Valerie) June Carter Cash, singer, born in Maces Springs, Scott County, Virginia]

Wilma Rudolph
[1940 - Wilma Rudolph, Olympic Hall of Famer, born in Clarksville, Tennessee]

[1973 - Dwight Eliott Stone becomes last person drafted into the U.S. armed forces]

The Farmer Buys a Dell

computer wizard casting spell computer to computer wireless data transfer computer - farmer typing computer monster emerges

On the farmer with the Dell,
G.W. casts his spell,
Hi-ho, John Kerry-o,
You couldn't ring the bell.

The lesbian takes a wife,
She must not take a wife,
Hi-ho, the scandal-o,
No gay can have a wife.

The couple takes a child,
Gay couple takes a child,
Hi-ho, no marriage-o,
Can't legitimize a child.

The child starts to nurse,
Now, what could be worse,
Hi-ho, the consequences-o,
The child must bear a curse.

The nurse takes the vow,
The household takes a bow,
Hi-ho, the outrage-o,
And society has a cow.

Milk Cow cartoon cowcow mooing

William's Whimsical Words:

If recruitment for the Armed Forces continues at the current pace we may need to find out which names will come after that of Mr. Stone, or perhaps we can just outsource the national defense as we have already started to do.

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