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Ben Franklin's bifocals Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Academy Award-winning Actress Hattie McDaniel
[1895 - Hattie McDaniel, Academy Award-
winning actress, born in Wichita, Kansas]

US Marines raise flag at Guantanamo Bay
[1898 - US Marines land and capture Guantanamo Bay, Cuba]

Circus Star Clyde Beatty
[1903 - Clyde Beatty, circus lion tamer, owner, born in Bainbridge, Ohio]

Composer Frederick Loewe at work
[1901 - Frederick Loewe, Oscar-winning composer,
born in Vienna, Austria]

Actor Bob Cummings
[1908 - Robert Cummings, Emmy Award-winning actor, born in Joplin, Missouri]

Wolf Howlin' the blues
[1910 - Howlin' Wolf (Chester Burnett), blues musician,
born in White Station, Mississippi]

Playwright Sir Terence Rattigan
[1911 - Terence Rattigan, playwright, born in London]

Writer Saul Bellow laughing
Saul Bellow receiving Nobel Prize
[1915 - Saul Bellow, Nobel laureate writer, born in Lachine, Quebec]

Actress Judy Garland in Wizard of Oz    Singer Judy Garland
[1922 - Judy Garland [Frances Gumm], actress, singer, born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota]

Alcoholics Anonymous founders Smith and Wilson
[1935 - Dr. Robert Smith and William G. Wilson found Alcoholics Anonymous]


Disciplining the body is straightforward, but difficult;
Disciplining the mind is considerably harder, but doable,
Disciplining the heart is, fortunately, impossible.

Bottle-nose Dolphins

William's Whimsical Words:

Too much discipline is as bad as too little.

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