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Ben Franklin's bifocals Monday, June 8, 2009

Astronomer Giovanni Cassini
[1625 - Giovanni Domenico Cassini, astronomer, mathematician,
born in Perinaldo, near Sanremo, then Republic of Genoa]

Composer Robert Schumann
[1810 - Robert Schumann, composer, born in Zwickau, Saxony]

Admiral David Porter, USN
[1813 - David Dixon Porter, Admiral,
USN, born in Chester, Pennsylvania]

Commodore Matthew Perry
Commodore Perry's black ships
[1853 - Commodore Matthew Perry arrives at Uraga, Japan for treaty negotiations]

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright   Architect Frank Lloyd Wright
[1867 - Frank Lloyd Wright, architect, born in Richland Center, Wisconsin]

Scientist Francis Crick DNA
[1916 - Francis Crick, Nobel Prize-winning scientist,
born in Northampton, England]

Justice Byron White
[1917 - Byron (Whizzer) White, Supreme Court
Justice, born in Fort Collins, Colorado]

Actor Robert Preston
[1918 - Robert Preston (Meservey), actor,
born in Newton, Massachusetts]

Going to Spend Lives

convoy truck burning

As I was going to Iraq,
I met some coffins coming back,
For each coffin several wounded;
Each wound was so severe;
Every casualty had some family.
Dead, wounded, son, daughter,
Wives, children, to the slaughter.
All of them are coming back.
How many are going to Iraq?

flag-draped coffins on USAF transport

William's Whimsical Words:

Iraq is a lot more dangerous than St. Ives.

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