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Ben Franklin's bifocals Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Paul Gauguin - Sef-portrait   Paul Gauguin: Two Tahitian Women    Painter Paul Gauguin    Paul Gauguin's self-portrait with Yellow Jesus in background
[1848 - (Eugene Henri) Paul Gauguin, post-impressionist painter, born in Paris]

Scientist Robert Mulliken
[1896 - Robert Mulliken, chemist, Nobel physicist,
born in Newburyport, Massachusetts]

Heavyweight Champ Jim Braddock    Heavyweight Champ Jim Braddock
[1905 - James J. (Walter) Braddock, Heavyweight Champion boxer, born in
Hell's Kitchen, New York City]

Actress Marion Martin    Actress Marion Martin    Actress Marion Martin
[1908 - Marion Martin (Suplee), actress, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

Pediatrician Virginia Apgar    Pediatrician Virginia Apgar    Pediatrician Virginia Apgar
[1909 - Virginia Apgar, Pediatric physician, born in Westfield, New Jersey]

Actress Jessica Tandy    Actress Jessica Tandy    Actress Jessica Tandy    Actress Jessica Tandy    Jessica Tandy in Driving Miss Daisy
[1909 - Jessica Alice Tandy, Academy Award-winning actress, born in London]

Poet Gwendolyn Brooks    Poet Gwendolyn Brooks    Poet Gwendolyn Brooks
[1917 - Gwendolyn Brooks, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, born in Topeka, Kansas]

Singer Dean Martin    Singer Dean Martin    Singer Dean Martin
[1917 - Dean Martin (Dino Paul Crocetti), singer, actor, comedian, born in Steubenville, Ohio]

Actress Dolores Gray    Actress Dolores Gray
[1924 - Dolores Gray (Stein), actress, born in Chicago]

Whirlaway in 1941
[1941 - Whirlaway wins the Belmont Stakes and captures racing's triple crown]

USS Yorktown sinking near Midway
[1942 - USS Yorktown sinks near Midway Island]

When I Grow Up

What will little William be,
When reaches his maturity?
Kind Sir, it mayhap be absurd,
Grandpa Moses of the written word.

To give his career a needed boost,
Trains he to Master the mot juste.
Should you care about poorwilliam,
Than prithee The Force is with him.

Master Yoda    writer at writing desk

William's Whimsical Words:

It was a dark and stormy night . . .

Snoopy writing

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