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Ben Franklin's bifocals Saturday, June 6, 2009

Patriot Nathan Hale
[1755 - Nathan Hale, Revolutionary War
patriot, born in Coventry, Connecticut]

Painter John Trumbull
[1756 - John Trumbull, painter, born in Lebanon, Connecticut]

Poet Aleksandr Pushkin
[1799 - Aleksandr Pushkin, poet, born in Moscow, Russia]

Author, Essayist Thomas Mann
[1875 - Thomas Mann, Nobel laureate essayist,
author, born in Lubeck, Germany]

Composer Aram Khatchaturyan
[1903 - Aram (Il'yich) Khachaturyan,
composer, born in Tbilisi, Georgia]

HoF Yankee Catcher Bill Dickey    Bill Dickey Hall of Fame plaque
[1907 - Bill (William Malcolm) Dickey, Hall of Fame Yankee catcher,
born in Bastrop, Louisiana]

Middleweight Champ Rocky Graziano
[1922 - Rocky Graziano (Thomas Rocco Barbella),
Boxing Hall of Famer, born in New York City]

D-day Before    D-day After
[1944 - D-Day for Operation Overlord, Allied invasion fleet lands troops on Normandy beaches
(largest amphibious landing in history)]

Pink Floyd Founder Syd Barrett    Syd Barrett
[1946 - Syd Barrett (Roger Keith Barrett), singer, songwriter, guitarist, born in Cambridge, England]

Senator Robert F. Kennedy
[1968 - Robert F. Kennedy, Attorney General, Senator,
Presidential Candidate, assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan]

Small Difference

Pacific Milestone Dedication

The difference between a milestone and a millstone is but a single letter of the alphabet.

a millstone    millstone around the neck

William's Whimsical Words:

Either one can be quite a burden.

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