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Ben Franklin's bifocals Friday, June 4, 2010

man handling toxic stinky stuff with tongs
[1070 - Roquefort cheese is created in a
smelly cave near Roquefort, France]

Barbary Pirate book cover
Barbary Pirate galleon & US Frigate
[1805 - Tripoli concludes a peace with the USA in their war over payment of Barbary Pirate tribute
(. . . to the shores of Tripoli)]

Actress Rosalind Russell   Roz Russell as Auntie Mame
[1908 - Rosalind Russell, actress, born in Waterbury, Connecticut]

Newsman Charles Collingwood    Newsman Charles Collingwood at the White House
[1917 - Charles Collingwood, journalist, born in Three Rivers, Michigan]

Baritone Robert Merrill    Robert Merrill singing
[1917 - Robert Merrill (Moishe Miller), NY Metropolitan Opera baritone, born in Brooklyn]

Actor Dennis Weaver    Environmentalist Dennis Weaver
[1924 - (William) Dennis Weaver, actor, environmentalist, born in Joplin, Missouri]

Singer Freddy Fender
[1937 - Freddy Fender (Baldemar Huerta), singer,
born in San Benito, Texas]

Midway - Japanese cruiser sinking
[1942 - Battle of Midway begins]
Midway - USS Yorktown sinking

Sandy Koufax
[1964 - Sandy Koufax pitches his third career no-hitter]

Tiananmen Square tank boy
[1989 - Chinese troops shoot hundreds of students demonstrating for democracy in Tiananmen Square, Beijing]

Pirsig #1

Robert Pirsig with his son during their cross-country motorcycle trip

What is Life about?
You say it is Quality.
Which of these came first?

William's Whimsical Words:

The chicken or the egg?

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