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Ben Franklin's bifocals Thursday, May 25, 2017

Our Constitutional Convention
[1787 - Delegates convene at Philadelphia for the Constitutional Convention]

Ralph Waldo Emerson    Ralph Waldo Emerson    Philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson    Ralph Waldo Emerson old
[1803 - Ralph Waldo Emerson, essayist, philosopher, poet, born in Boston, Massachusetts]

Bill Bojangles Robinson    Bill Bojangles Robinson    Dancer Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson    Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson    Dancer Bill Bojangles Robinson
[1878 - (Luther) Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, tap dancer, actor, born in Richmond, Virginia]

Phillip Murray    Labor Leader Phillip Murray
[1886 - Philip Murray, labor leader, CIO founder, born in Blantyre, Scotland]

Aviation Pioneer Igor Sikorsky    Aviation Pioneer Igor Sikorsky    Igor Sikorsky - aviation genius

Aviation Pioneer Igor Sikorsky flying his helo
[1889 - Igor I. Sikorsky, aviation engineer, creator of first successful helicopter, born in Kiev, Ukraine]

Photographer Dorothea Lange
[1895 - Dorothea Lange, photographer and photojournalist, born in Hoboken, New Jersey]

Heavyweight Champ Gene Tunney    Heavyweight Champ Gene Tunney
[1897 - Gene (James Joseph) Tunney, World Heavyweight Champion, born in New York City]

Editor, Humorist Bennett Cerf    Publisher, Humorist Bennett Cerf
[1898 - Bennett Cerf, editor, publisher, humorist, born in Manhattan]

Actor Claude Akins Rio Bravo    Actor Claude Akins    Actor Claude Akins
[1918 - Claude Marion Akins, actor, born in Nelson, Georgia]

Sportscaster Lindsey Nelson    Sportscaster Lindsey Nelson
[1919 - Lindsey Nelson, sportscaster, born in Campbellsville, Tennessee]

Songwriter Hal David    Songwriter Hal David    Songwriter Hal David    Hal David with Oscar
[1921 - Harold Lane 'Hal' David, Oscar-winning songwriter, born in New York City]

Actress Jeanne Crain    Actress Jeanne Crain    Actress Jeanne Crain
[1925 - Jeanne Elizabeth Crain, actress, born in Barstow, California]

Jazz Virtuoso Miles Davis    Jazz Great Miles Davis       Jazz Virtuoso Miles Davis in a groove    Jazz Virtuoso Miles Davis
[1926 - Miles (Dewey) Davis III, jazz musician, born in Alton, Illinois]

Opera Star Beverly Sills    Opera Star Beverly Sills
[1929 - Beverly Sills (Belle Miriam Silverman), opera soprano, born in Brooklyn]

Track Great Jesse Owens competing for Ohio
[1935 - Jesse Owens equals or breaks 4 world
records in one hour in Ann Arbor, Michigan]

On Being Centered

Sometimes William feels so centered he is unable to move.
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William's Whimsical Words:

Didn't Copernicus put an end to this notion?

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