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Ben Franklin's bifocals Tuesday, May 23, 2016

Physician Franz Mesmer    Physician Franz Mesmer
[1734 - Franz (Friedrich) Anton Mesmer, physician, hypnotist, born on Lake Constance in Swabia, Germany]

Legare Park    South Carolina state seal
[1788 - South Carolina joins the Union and becomes the eighth of the United States of America]

Feminist Margaret Fuller    Feminist Margaret Fuller
[1810 - (Sarah) Margaret Fuller (Ossoli), journalist, feminist, author, born in Cambridgeport, Massachusetts]

Arabella Mansfield   Lawyer Arabella Mansfield    Lawyer Arabella Mansfield
[1846 - Arabella Mansfield (Belle Aurelia Babb), first woman admitted to law in U.S., born in Des Moines County, Iowa]

Actor Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.    Actor Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.    Actor Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.    Actor Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.
[1883 - Douglas Fairbanks (Douglas Elton Ulman), actor, born in Denver, Colorado]

Actor Herbert Marshall    Actor Herbert Marshall
[1890 - Herbert (Brough Falcon) Marshall, actor, born in London]

Actor Scatman Crothers    Actor Scatman Crothers
[1910 - Scatman (Benjamin Sherman) Crothers, singer, actor, born in Terre Haute, Indiana]

New York Public Library
[1911 - Dedication of the New York Public Library]

Actor John Payne    Actor John Payne    Actor John Payne    Actor John Payne
[1912 - John Payne, actor, born in Roanoke, Virginia]

Producer Bumps Blackwell
[1922 - Robert 'Bumps' Blackwell, musician,
producer, arranger, born in Seattle, Washington]

Singer Rosemary Clooney    Singer Rosemary Clooney    Singer Rosemary Clooney    Singer Rosemary Clooney
[1928 - Rosemary Clooney, singer, born in Maysville, Kentucky]

Dr. Bob Moog    Dr. Bob Moog    Dr. Bob Moog
[1934 - Robert Arthur 'Bob' Moog, electronics music inventor, born in New York City]

[1944 - University of Chicago withdraws from Big 10 Conference and all NCAA sports]

[1948-1949 - Berlin Airlift]
Berlin Airlift - kids cheering USAF cargo plane    Berlin Airlift

Berlin - Soviet checkpoint
[1949 - Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin lifts the Berlin Blockade following success of the Berlin Airlift]

On Being a Skeptic #2

William is eternally grateful to wise parents for his having been raised a skeptic.

William's Whimsical Words:

That is, if there is any such thing as eternity.

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