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Ben Franklin's bifocals Friday, May 21, 2010

Poet Alexander Pope   Poet Alexander Pope
[1688 - Alexander Pope, poet, born in London]

Lewis & Clark Expedition
[1804 - Lewis & Clark Expedition begins]

Industrialist Armand Hammer
[1898 - Armand Hammer, industrialist,
physician, born in New York City]

Blues Musician Fats Waller
[1904 - Fats (Thomas Wright) Waller, blues musician,
song writer, born in New York City]

Actor & Director Robert Montgomery
[1904 - Robert Montgomery (Henry Montgomery Jr.),
actor, director, born in Beacon, New York]

Artist Berta Hummel   A Hummel figurine
[1909 - Berta (Sister Maria Innocentia) Hummel, artist, teacher, born in Massing, Bavaria]

Writer Harold Robbins
[1916 - Harold Robbins (Francis Kane),
writer, born in New York City]

Actor Raymond Burr    Actor Raymond Burr
[1917 - Raymond (William Stacy) Burr, actor, born in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada]

Andrei Sakharov as a young man   Andrei Sakharov the physicist   Andrei Sakharov - Nobel Laureate
[1921 - Andrei Sakharov, physicist, human rights activist, born in Moscow, Russia]

Comedian Peggy Cass
[1924 - Peggy (Mary Margaret) Cass, actress,
comedienne, born in Boston]

Charles Lindbergh with his plane
[1927 - Charles A. Lindbergh arrives Paris in The Spirit of St. Louis to a hero's welcome]


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You should strive above all else to live your life in the present tense, starting tomorrow.

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William's Whimsical Words:

or the day after.

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