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Ben Franklin's bifocals Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Johns Hopkins University Founder Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Hospital
[1795 - Johns Hopkins, founder of University & Hospital, born in Anne Arundel County, Maryland]

Artist Sarah Peale - Self Portrait
[1800 - Sarah (Miriam) Peale, portrait artist,
born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

Ringling Brothers Circus Poster
[1884 - Ringling Brothers Circus premieres]

Vietnamese Leader Ho Chi Minh
[1890 - Ho Chi Minh (Nguyen That Thanh),
Vietnamese leader, born in Kim Lien, Vietnam]

Actor Bruce Bennett
[1906 - Bruce Bennett (Herman Brix), actor, born in Tacoma, Washington]

Malcolm X  Malcolm X
[1925 - Malcolm X (Malcolm Little), black nationalist, civil rights activist,
born in Omaha, Nebraska]

Playwright Lorraine Hansberry
[1930 - Lorraine Hansberry, playwright, born in Chicago]

T.E. Lawrence in uniform    Lawrence of Arabia
[1935 - T.E. Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia, dies following motorcycle accident]

The Great Secretariat
[1973 - Secretariat wins second jewel of Triple Crown, The Preakness]

Sin No More?

Sin -Pharisee throwing stones

If sin were not, we must surely invent it.
Else why need guilt to help us repent it?
A world without hellfire, and no damnation,
It is unthinkable; it defies explanation.

Without sin, guilt would a paper tiger be.
Parents lose control, and also the clergy.
Absent sin or guilt there is unemployment.
Clerics need not their splendid raiment.

Out of work countless officials would be,
Law enforcement, prison guards, and military.
Lawyers and talk-show hosts become redundant.
And even shrinks are seen as less abundant.

The economies of developed global nations,
And most third world country cousins,
Would soon collapse in great confusion.
Freedom might prevail in wild profusion.

William's Whimsical Words:

Chaos reigns; end civilization as we know it,
What say you, shall we have a go at it?

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