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franklin-bifocals-60 Monday, May 10, 2010

Leland Stanford driving the Golden Spike

Golden Spike Ceremony
[1869 - Union Pacific and Central Pacific railways meet on Promontory Summit, Utah Territory, and
drive in a Golden Spike symbolizing the first US transcontinental railroad]

Composer Dimitri Tiomkin
[1899 - Dimitri (Zinovievich) Tiomkin, composer, conductor,
born in Kremenchug, Ukraine]

Dancer & Actor Fred Astaire
[1899 - Fred Astaire (Austerlitz), dancer,
actor, born in Omaha, Nebraska,]

Producer David O. Selznick
[1902 - David O. (Oliver) Selznick, producer,
born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

Mother Maybelle Carter
[1909 - Mother Maybelle Carter (Addington), singer,
musician, born near Nickelsville, Virginia]

Charles McGraw
[1914 - Charles McGraw (Butters), actor,
born in Des Moines, Iowa]

Actress Margo
[1917 - Margo (Maria Marguerita Guadelupe
Boldao y Castilla), actress, born in Mexico City]

Churchill War Poster
[1940 - Winston Churchill becomes
prime minister of Great Britain]

USS Triton (SSN-586) underway on surface
[1960 - USS Triton completes her underwater circumnavigation of the globe in 84 days]


Do it my way - I know I'm right

Conviction is a great gift, when it lies in the hand of someone you happen to agree with. Otherwise, it is just plain bull-headedness.

bull head snorting

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Or heresy.

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