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franklin-bifocals-60 Friday, May 8, 2009

President Truman committing troops to Korea 33rd President Harry S Truman
[1884 - Harry S Truman, 33rd President, born in Lamar, Missouri]

[1886 - Dr. John S. Pemberton, pharmacist, sells first Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia]

Director Roberto Rossellini
[1906 - Roberto Rossellini, director, born in Rome]

Bluesman Robert Johnson
[1911 - Robert Leroy Johnson, Blues Hall of Fame singer,
songwriter, guitarist, born in Hazlehurst, Mississippi]

Academy Award-winning Actress Myoshi Umeki
[1929 - Miyoshi Umeki, Tony and Academy Award-
winning actress, born in Otaru, Japan]

Heavyweight Champ Sonny Liston   Sonny Liston
[1932 - (Charles) Sonny Liston, Boxing Hall of Fame Heavyweight
Champion, born in Sand Slough, Arkansas,]

Singer Ricky Nelson
[1940 - Ricky (Eric Hilliard) Nelson, singer,
actor, born in Teaneck, New Jersey]

[1945 - V-E Day is celebrated throughout the free world]

V-E Day - San Francisco Chronicle V-E Day - London Mirror - VE Day
V-E Day in New York City
V-E Day in Norfolk, Virginia
V-E Day in Whitehaven, UK

V-E Day crowd in New Zealand
[1945 - V-E Day is celebrated throughout the free world] V-E Day - grave with dog tags

Friendly Reminder

phone ringing
This is your friendly SS-HMO with an appointment reminder:

[voice change] Mitchell Cohen,
[voice change] you have an appointment with,
[voice change] Dr. Mengele, Dr. Mengele
[voice change] in the
Buchenwald - Human Hides
[voice change] Dermatology Clinic, Lampshade Department,
[voice change] at
[voice change] an indeterminate future time and place.
[voice change] Remember to bring your identity card, life
insurance papers, and co-payment with you.
This message will be repeated for your convenience every day of your life.

William's Whimsical Words:

Any Jew born into the Twentieth Century who lived to see V-E Day got this message, and was a victim of the Holocaust.

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