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franklin-bifocals-60 Tuesday, May 2, 2017

General Henry M. Robert
[1837 - Henry Martyn Robert, Army General, author
Rules of Order, born in Robertville, South Carolina]

Dancer Vernon Castle    Dancer Vernon Castle
[1887 - Vernon Castle, dancer, actor, born in Norwich, Norfolk, England]

Lorenz Hart    Composer Lorenz Hart with Richard Rogers
[1895 - Lorenz "Larry" Milton Hart, composer, lyricist, born in Harlem]

Actor Brian Aherne    Actor Brian Aherne
[1902 - (William) Brian (de Lacy) Aherne, actor, born in Worcestershire, England, UK]

Dr. Benjamin Spock    Dr. Spock's baby book    Dr. Benjamin Spock and Friend    Peace Activist Dr. Benjamin Spock
[1903 - Benjamin Spock, baby doctor, author, peace activist, born in New Haven, Connecticut]

Actor Nigel Patrick    Actor Nigel Patrick
[1913 - Nigel Patrick (Nigel Dennis Wemyss), actor, director, born in London]

Folk Singer Theodore Bikel    Actor Theodore Bikel    Actor Theodore Bikel    Entertainer Theodore Bikel
[1924 - Theodor Meir Bikel, folk singer, actor, musician, activist, born in Vienna, Austria]

Actor Roscoe Brown   Actor Roscoe Brown   Actor Roscoe Brown
[1925 - Roscoe Lee Browne, actor, born in Woodbury, New Jersey]

Playwright Tennessee Williams    Tennessee Williams - Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
[1955 - Tennessee Williams wins Pulitzer Prize for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof]

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover
[1972 - J. Edgar Hoover, long time FBI director, dies]

[1975 - US Navy departs Vietnamese waters]

Never Tired

One never tires of good Food or good Compagnie. Put them together, and every day is a Holiday, every meal a Banquet.

festival dinner detail

William's Whimsical Words:

Nice work, if you can get it.

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