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franklin-bifocals-60 Sunday, April 16, 2017       Easter Sunday

[1862 - President Lincoln signs an act abolishing slavery in the District of Columbia]

Charles W. Peale    Artist Charles W. Peale
[1741 - Charles Willson Peale, portrait painter, born in Chester, Queen Anne's County, Maryland]

Poet Jose de Diego    Puerto Rican Patriot Jose de Diego
[1866 - Jose de Diego (y Benitez), poet, political leader, born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico]

Aviator Wilbur Wright    Aviator Wilbur Wright
[1867 - Wilbur Wright, aviator, born in Millville, Indiana]

Writer John Synge
[1871 - John Millington Synge, poet, playwright,
born in Rathfarnham, County Dublin, Ireland]

Charlie Chaplin    Comedian Charlie Chaplin    Charlie Chaplin as the Tramp    Director Charlie Chaplin
[1889 - Sir Charles (Spencer) 'Charlie' Chaplin, actor, director, comedian, born in London]

Actor Peter Ustinov    Sir Peter Ustinov knighthood
[1921 - Sir Peter Ustinov, Academy Award-winning actor, born in London]

Writer Kingsley Amis    Writer Kingsley Amis
[1922 - Kingsley Amis, poet, author, born in London]

Conductor Henry Mancini    Composer Henry Mancini
[1924 - Henry Mancini, Academy Award-winning composer, conductor, born
in Cleveland, Ohio]

Actress Edie Adams    Actress Edie Adams    Actress Edie Adams
[1927 - Edie Adams (Edith Elizabeth Enke), singer, Tony Award-winning actress, born in Kingston, Pennsylvania]

HoF Corner Night Train Lane   Dick Lane induction
[1928 - Dick (Richard) 'Night Train' Lane, Pro Football Hall of Fame cornerback, born in Austin, Texas]

Jazz Flautist Herbie Mann    Jazz Flautist Herbie Mann
[1930 - Herbie Mann (Herbert Jay Soloman), jazz flautist, born in Brooklyn]

Singer Dusty Springfield    Singer Dusty Springfield    Singer Dusty Springfield
[1939 - Dusty Springfield, singer, born in London]

Texas City 1947 explosion at the refinery    Texas City 1947 explosion aftermath
[1947 - Texas City, Texas: ships explode on Galveston Bay; nearly 600 lives are lost]

Singer Selena Quintanilla Perez    Singer Selena Quintanilla Perez    Singer Selena Quintanilla Perez on stage
[1971 - Selena (Quintanilla Perez), singer, born in Lake Jackson, Texas]

Mental Health

crazy man in straight jacket

Take comfort in a simple notion;
Acting out is loco-motion.
Suicide can be self-destroying.
Fears are sometimes parannoying.
If you delusional should become.
Hearing voices - keep thy aplomb.
Madness needn't be revealing.
Schizophrenia can be apeeling.

psychiatrist listening to patient

William's Whimsical Words:

To make a favorable first impression,
Struggle now to avoid depression.

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