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franklin-bifocals-60 Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Pocahontas    Pocahontas and son
[1614 - Pocahontas, daughter of Powhatan Indian chief, marries English planter John Rolfe in Jamestown, Virginia]

Booker T. Washington Booker T. Washington Portrait    Educator Booker T. Washington
[1856 - Booker T.(Taliaferro) Washington, educator, leader, author, born in Hale's Ford, Virginia]

Seedman W. Atlee Burpee    Botanist Washington Atlee Burpee
[1858 - Washington Atlee Burpee, botanist, born in Sheffield, New Brunswick]

Actor Spencer Tracy    Actor Spencer Tracy    Spencer Tracy as the old man    Actor Spencer Tracy
[1900 - Spencer (Bonaventure) Tracy, Academy Award-winning actor, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin]

Actor Melvyn Douglas    Actor Melvyn Douglas    Actor Melvyn Douglas
[1901 - Melvyn Douglas (Melvyn Edouard Hesselberg), Tony, Emmy and Academy Award-winning actor, born in Macon, Georgia]

Actress Bette Davis    Actress Bette Davis    Actress Bette Davis
[1908 - Bette (Ruth Elizabeth) Davis, Academy and Emmy Award-winning actress, born in Lowell, Massachusetts]

Producer Albert R. Broccoli
[1909 - Albert R. 'Cubby' Broccoli, film producer, born in New York City]

Actor Gregory Peck   Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird    Actor Gregory Peck    Actor Gregory Peck
[1916 - (Eldred) Gregory Peck, Academy Award-winning actor, born in La Jolla, California]

Writer Robert Bloch    Writer Robert Bloch
[1917 - Robert Albert Bloch, writer, born in Chicago]

Astronaut Judith Resnik
[1949 - Dr. Judith A. Resnik, electrical engineer,
astronaut, born in Akron, Ohio]

Billionaire Aviator Howard Hughes    Aviator Howard Hughes by his plane
[1976 - Howard Hughes, billionaire, aviator, dies]

On Being a Skeptic

Being a skeptic means one reserves the right to question and reject any assertion, no matter the source. It also means not becoming so wedded to any belief that one loses the ability to revise or discard it in the face of new evidence or changed conditions.

There are no facts, only interpretations.
Friedrich Nietzsche

William's Whimsical Words:

It is ever so more convenient to simply accept a belief system based on faith, and never question it.

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