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franklin-bifocals-60 Sunday, April 2, 2017

Frigate Alliance in Action
[1781 - Frigate USS Alliance captures British privateers, Mars and Minerva]

Writer Hans Christian Andersen    Writer Hans Christian Andersen
[1805 - Hans Christian Andersen, writer, born in Odense, Denmark]

Writer & Activist Emile Zola    Writer & Activist Emile Zola    Writer & Activist Emile Zola    Writer & Activist Emile Zola
[1840 - Emile Zola, novelist, activist, born in Paris]

Walter Chrysler    Auto Manufacturer Walter Chrysler
[1875 - Walter Chrysler, auto manufacturer, born in Wamego, Kansas]

White Sox Hall of Famer Luke Appling    Luke Appling Hall of Fame Plaque    Chicago Hall of Famer Luke Appling    Hall of Fame Shortstop Luke Appling
[1907 - Luke (Lucius Benjamin) Appling, Baseball Hall of Fame Chicago shortstop, born in High Point, North Carolina]

Actor Buddy Ebsen    Actor Buddy Ebsen
[1908 - Buddy Ebsen (Christian Rudolph Ebsen), actor, born in Belleville, Illinois]

Actor Alec Guinness    Actor Alec Guinness    Sir Alec Guinness in Bridge on the River Kwai   Actor Alec Guinness     Sir Alec Guinness in Star Wars
[1914 - Sir Alec Guinness (Guinness de Cuffe), Academy Award-winning actor, born in London]

Artist Charles W. White    Artist Charles Wilbert White    Artist Charles W. White's Harvest Talk
[1918 - Charles Wilbert White, artist, muralist, born in Chicago]

Actor Jack Webb    Jack Webb as Dragnet Officer Friday    Director Jack Webb
[1920 - Jack (John Randolph) Webb, actor, director, born in Santa Monica, California]

Singer Marvin Gaye    Marvin Gaye - album cover    Singer Marvin Gaye
[1939 - Marvin (Pentz Gay) Gaye, Jr., Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer, born in Washington D.C.]

[1982 - Argentina invades the Falklands Islands, a British colony]

An Almanack?

An Almanack hath william written.
Methinks he needs to put his wit in.

William's Whimsical Words:

Dr. Franklin never ran out of material,
But William's repertoire proves ethereal.

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