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franklin-bifocals-60 Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Niagra Falls at time of ice dam
[1848 - Ice dam forms on the Niagara River; water surging over the falls halts]

Baseball's Cy Young    Baseball Great Cy Young    Cy Young Hall of Fame plaque
[1867 - Cy (Denton True) Young, Hall of Fame pitcher, born in Gilmore, Ohio]

Actor Howard Lindsay
[1889 - Howard Lindsay, producer, playwright, librettist,
director, actor, born in Waterford, New York]

Actor Philip Ahn    Actor Philip Ahn
[1905 - Philip Ahn, actor, born in Highland Park, California]

Actor Arthur O'Connell    Actor Arthur O'Connell    Actor Arthur O'Connell
[1908 - Arthur O'Connell, actor, born in New York City]

Actor Dennis O'Keefe    Actor Dennis O'Keefe    Actor Dennis O'Keefe
[1908 - Dennis O'Keefe (Edward Vance Flanagan), actor, born in Fort Madison, Iowa]

Politician Gene McCarthy    Politician Gene McCarthy
[1916 - Eugene (Joseph) McCarthy, politician, born in Watkins, Minnesota]

Singer Pearl Bailey    Singer Pearl Bailey
[1918 - Pearl (Mae) Bailey, singer, actress, born in Southampton County, Virginia]

Billionaire Sam Walton    Billionaire Sam Walton
[1918 - Sam Walton, founder big-box retail chains, born near Kingfisher, Oklahoma]

Actress Eileen Heckart
[1919 - (Anna) Eileen Heckart, Academy and Tony
Award-winning actress, born in Columbus, Ohio]

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
[1951 - Julius and Ethel Rosenberg convicted of espionage
- later executed]

The King and I - 1951 Stars Yul Brenner & Gertrude Lawrence    The King and I Star Yul Brenner
[1951 - The King and I opens and runs for 1,246 performances at the St. James Theater in New York City]

[1973 - Last U.S. combat troops leave South Vietnam]

Mariner 10
[1974 - Mariner 10 visits Planet Mercury]

Planet Mercury from Mariner-10

Do Something

At a time of peril, a man who does something and says nothing can be a real asset.

William's Whimsical Words:

So can a woman who does the same.

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