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franklin-bifocals-60 Saturday, March 25, 2017

Colonists arriving in Maryland Colony
[1634 - Colonists arrive at Maryland, the first proprietary colony in the United States]

A Young Arturo Toscanini    Conductor Arturo Toscanini    Conductor Arturo Toscanini at work
[1867 - Maestro Arturo Toscanini, conductor, born in Parma, Italy]

Sculptor Gutzon Borglum    Borglum's Mt. Rushmore    Sculptor Gutzon Borglum
[1867 - (John) Gutzon Borglum, sculptor (Mount Rushmore), born in St. Charles, Idaho]

Theater Mogul Lee Schubert    Theater Mogul Lee Schubert
[1873 - Levi 'Lee' Shubert, producer, theater owner, born in Neustadt, Poland]

Composer Bela Bartok    Composer Bela Bartok    Composer Bela Bartok
[1881 - Bela Bartok, composer, born in Sannicolau Mare, Romania]

Actor Ed Begley    Actor Ed Begley    Actor Ed Begley
[1901 - Ed (Edward James) Begley, Academy Award-winning actor, born in Hartford, Connecticut]

Director David Lean    Director David Lean    Academy Award Director David Lean    Academy Award-winning director David Lean
[1908 - David Lean, Academy Award-winning director, born in Croydon, Greater London]

Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire    Triangle Shirtwaist factory - Asch building    Triangle Shirtwaist factory ruins
[1911 - Fire kills 145 garment workers locked in at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory in New York]

Palace Theatre, 1564 Broadway, New York City
[1913 - Palace Theatre opens at 1564 Broadway in New York City]

Howard Cosell    TV Personality Howard Cosell
[1920 - Howard Cosell (Cohen), sports commentator, born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina]

Actress Simone Signoret    Actress Simone Signoret
[1921 - Simone Signoret (Kaminker), Academy Award-winning actress, born
in Wiesbaden, Germany]

Good Enough #2      quill pen writing

Words a writer's tools must be.
Their combination an infinity.
How to know when good enough?
How to finish up your stuff?
Finished is good enough, you see.

William's Whimsical Words:

Most of what you write isn't worth keeping. The problem is that you are likely not the best judge of what is.

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