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franklin-bifocals-60 Thursday, March 18, 2010

President Grover Cleveland    President Grover Cleveland   President Grover Cleveland
[1837 - Grover (Stephen) Cleveland, 22nd & 24th President, born in Caldwell, New Jersey]

Composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
[1844 - Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, composer,
born in Tikhvin, near Novgorod, Russia]

Wells Fargo express wagon
[1850 - Henry Wells & William Fargo form American Express in Buffalo, New York]

Wells Fargo Office
[1852 - Same Gents, plus other New York investors, form Wells Fargo and Company]

Actor Edward Everett Horton
[1886 - Edward Everett Horton, actor, born in Brooklyn]

Artist William H. Johnson    Artist William H. Johnson self-portrait
[1901 - William Henry Johnson, artist, born in Florence, South Carolina]

Tri-State Tornado damage in Desoto, Illinois
[1925 - Tri-State Tornado, (worst in U.S. history) hits eastern Missouri, southern Illinois and Indiana, killing 695, and
injuring 13,000 people]

Actor Peter Graves
[1926 - Peter Graves (Aurness), actor,
born in Minneapolis, Minnesota]

Writer George Plimpton    George Plimpton in Detroit Uniform
[1927 - George Plimpton, author, editor, journalist, actor, born in New York City]

Writer John Updike
[1932 - John Hoyer Updike, writer, born in Reading, Pennsylvania]

Racing Driver Mark Donohue
[1937 - Mark Donohue, auto racer, born in Summit,
New Jersey]

Wilson Pickett    Singer Wilson Pickett
[1941 - Wilson Pickett, singer, born in Prattville, Alabama]

Steeler Center 'Iron' Mike Webster    Pro Football Hall of Famer Mike Webster
[1952 - Mike Webster, Pro Football Hall of Famer, born in Tomahawk, Wisconsin]

True Inspiration

True inspiration is when you sit down to write after getting up in the morning before you pour your first cup of coffee.

coffee steaming

William's Whimsical Words:

and true dedication is when you finish your draft and get your coffee, only to find it has gone stone cold while you were revising the piece you had just written.

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