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franklin-bifocals-60 Saturday, March 15, 2014

Death of Julius Caesar
[44 B.C. - Gaius Julius Caesar, dictator, is stabbed to death in the Roman Senate by about 60 conspirators]

Andrew Jackson -       President Andrew Jackson
[1767 - Andrew Jackson, 7th President, born in Garden of the Waxhaws, South Carolina]

Maine coast - Devil's Pulpit
[1820 - Maine enters the Union as the twenty-third state]

Actor George Brent    Actor George Brent    Actor George Brent    Actor George Brent
[1899 - George Brent, actor, born in Raharabeg, County Roscommon, Ireland]

Actor Macdonald Carey   Actor Macdonald Carey
[1913 - (Edward) MacDonald Carey, actor, born in Sioux City, Iowa]

Musician Harry James    Bandleader Harry James
[1916 - Harry (Haag) James, musician, bandleader, born in Albany, Georgia]

Norm VanBrocklin in Rams Uniform   Hall of Fame Quarterback Norm VanBrocklin
[1926 - Norm Van Brocklin, Pro Football HoF quarterback, born in Eagle Butte, South Dakota]

[1947 - John Lee is first African American officer commissioned in regular Navy]

My Fair Lady Poster
[1956 - My Fair Lady opens on Broadway;
runs for 2,717 performances]

VA logo
[1989 - Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), formerly
Veterans Administration, is made a Cabinet position]

Musical Interlude

O Brother dear, it is not rude,
To practice on your piano upright.
If I hear one more Chopin etude,
Surely it will make me up tight.

O Neighbor with that gramophone,
Swinging with your Tommy Dorsey.
Close the windows to your home,
Forties music will unhorse me.

O Roomie with most powerful Hi-Fi,
Blasting your Baroque organ music.
Couperin is the apple of your eye,
But I'm hung over; please diffuse it.

O Dweller in the next apartment,
With Stereo of watts gazillions.
You caused ear damage permanent;
I don't really dig Hank Williams.

O teen with boom box most impressive,
Playing soul music is not illegal.
But placing it close is so aggressive,
You just brought down an adult seagull.

O Daughter mine you have much clout,
Your father, dear, is not a rapper.
You love Hip Hop, I have no doubt,
But I'm not down; it's in the crapper.

O dude there in the very next lane,
Your rice-rocket is seen to pulsate.
Now, I am not one to complain, but
My windshield has begun to vibrate.

William's Whimsical Words:

O family, friends and total strangers,
What made you think I'd like your music.
Or welcome bands, writers, and arrangers,
Particularly since I did not choose it.

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