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franklin-bifocals-60 Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chemist Joseph Priestley
[1733 - Joseph Priestley, minister, chemist,
born in Yorkshire, England]

Delmonicos Restaurant    Restaurateur Lorenzo Delmonico    Delmonicos Restaurant in NYC
[1813 - Lorenzo Delmonico, restaurateur, born in Marengo, Switzerland]

Astronomer Percival Lowell    Astronomer Percival Lowell
[1855 - Percival Lowell, astronomer, born in Boston]

Actor Harold Stone    Actor Harold J. Stone
[1913 - Harold J. Stone (Hochstein), actor, born in New York City]

Ballerina Irina Baronova    Ballerina Irina Baronova    Ballerina Irina Baronova    Irina Baronova
[1919 - Irina Mikhailovna Baronova, ballerina, actress, born in Petrograd (now Saint Petersburg), Russia]

[1930 - Discovery of the planet Pluto is announced]

Lawyer Clarence Darrow  Clarence S. Darrow in Scopes trial
[1938 - Clarence S. Darrow, trial lawyer, dies in Chicago at age 80]

Brigadoon - Go Home with Bonny Jean
[1947 - "Brigadoon" opens at the Ziegfeld Theater, NYC; runs for 581 performances]

PDP-11-20 front view    PDP-11 with cabinet open
[1970 - Digital Equipment Corp (DEC) introduces its PDP-11 minicomputer series systems]


crazy man in straight jacket

I would sooner try to reason about revealed truth with a maniac than I would with a True Believer.

armor of god man

William's Whimsical Words:

True Believers have no bases on which one can negotiate with them on the subject of their true beliefs, and this is so no matter what they claim to believe in.

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