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franklin-bifocals-60 Monday, March 3, 2008

Death of Kasamir Pulaski
[1747 - Kasamir Pulaski, Revolutionary War general, born in Winiary (near Warsaw), Poland]

[1776 - First amphibious landing operation. Commodore Esek Hopkins lands Sailors and Marines on New Providence Island in Bahamas]

Sleeping Car Inventor George Pullman Pullman Sleeper Car
[1831 - George Pullman, inventor, industrialist, labor foe, born in Brocton, New York]

Inventor Alexander Graham Bell
[1847 - Alexander Graham Bell, inventor, born in Edinburgh, Scotland]

Vincent Van Gogh
[1853 - Vincent Van Gogh, painter, born in Zundert, Netherlands]

Actress Jean Harlow
[1911 - Jean Harlow (Harlean Carpenter), actress, born in Kansas City, Missouri]

Flamenco Guitarist Carlos Montoya
[1993 - Carlos Montoya, flamenco guitarist, dies at age 89]

The Military Way

A military commander once remarked:
"Having lost sight of the objective, we must redouble our efforts."

military drill instructor

William's Whimsical Words:

Would you call that strategic, or tactical thinking?

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