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Ben Franklin's bifocals Sunday, February 24, 2008

Grimm Brothers - story tellers
[1786 - Wilhelm Karl Grimm, story teller, born in Hanau, Germany]

[1803 - US Supreme Court first rules a law unconstitutional in Marbury vs Madison]

Painter Winslow Homer Winslow Homer's - Eight Bells
[1836 - Winslow Homer, painter, born in Boston, Massachusetts]

Baseball Hall of Famer Honus Wagner
[1874 - Honus Wagner, Hall of Fame shortstop, born in Chartiers, Pennsylvania]

Admiral Chester Nimitz in dress khakis Admiral Chester Nimitz in Battle Dress

Admiral Chester Nimitz - Formal Picture
[1885 - Admiral Chester Nimitz, Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet in WW-II, born in Fredericksburg, Texas]

Actress Marjorie Main
[1890 - Marjorie Main (Mary Tomlinson), actress, born in Acton, Indiana,]

Actor Zachary Scott
[1914 - Zachary Scott (Zachary Thomson Scott, Jr.), actor, born in Austin, Texas]

[1917 - Russian revolution breaks out]

Medical Researcher Dr. Judah Folkman
[1933 - (Moses) Judah Folkman, medical scientist, born in Cleveland]

Racer Lance Reventlow Reventlow Scarab race car
[1936 - Lance Reventlow, auto racer, born in London]

Complex Cats

I awoke to find the Cats
Had constructed a high-rise
Complex in our bedroom.

high-rise (Soho)

Hunter had the Penthouse
By reason of his seniority.
Come to think of it,
He looks a little like Guccione.

Bob Guccione Hunter (the suave one)

Joseph, still a kitten,
Had a very cute tabby flat
On the forty-first floor.
Joseph - yeah, yeah, cats rule and . . .

They never asked my permission.
They think I am their doorman.
They are right.

William's Whimsical Words:

Thank goodness they haven't evicted us by asserting the right of evident domain.

Hunter and Joey in penthouse

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