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Ben Franklin's bifocals Sunday, February 17, 2008

Composer Arcangelo Corelli
[1653 - Arcangelo Corelli, violinist,
composer, born in Fusignano, Italy]

Thomas Jefferson Third President Thomas Jefferson
[1801 - Thomas Jefferson is selected as President (House breaks electoral college tie)]

Businessman Montgomery Ward Montgomery Ward catalog
[1844 - Aaron Montgomery Ward, mail order tycoon, born in Chatham, New Jersey]

Red Barber sitting in the catbird seat
[1908 - Red (Walter) Barber, sportscaster,
born in Columbus, Mississippi]

Rabbi Chaim Potok - Writer
[1929 - Chaim (Herman Harold) Potok, rabbi,
philosopher, author, born in the Bronx]

[1979 - China invades Vietnam and is repulsed]

Method School's Lee Strasberg
[1982 - Lee Strasberg, director, founder method school of drama, dies]

Death Rattles On

US Army officer's saber
The President and his Yes People do an awful lot of saber rattling. This bullying and posturing is of questionable value under the best of circumstances; when one cannot walk the walk after talking the talk, it can be downright counterproductive. The threatening words of the President, Vice President, and Secretaries of State & Defense when directed to Iran, North Korea, Syria, and assorted other nations ring a bit hollow when one stops to notice that our army is stressed to the breaking point just trying to cope with the mess the Administration created in Iraq and the worsening situation in Afghanistan. Surely the Axis of Evil members are taking note of the measures we have taken to maintain US troop levels, and they can no doubt read our newspapers and learn that the Army, National Guard, and Reserves are having considerable difficulty meeting reenlistment and recruiting quotas.

Having worn a reasonable facsimile of a saber on several formal occasions, william can report that when properly fitted in a scabbard a sword does not rattle at all. The ones carried by modern day military officers do not even have an edge. I cannot imagine a saber rattling, unless it was way too small for its scabbard or missing part of its blade.

a real saber

William's Whimsical Words:

When it comes to your saber, size matters.

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