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Ben Franklin's bifocals Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Publisher Benjamin Franklin    A Franklin Press
[1741 - Benjamin Franklin publishes The General Magazine and Historical Chronicle]

Lieutenant Stephen Decatur, USN    Burning of the Frigate Philadelphia by Edward Moran
[1804 - Lt. Stephen Decatur burns the captured US frigate Philadelphia in Tripoli Harbor]

Gallaudet University - College Hall
[1857 - National Deaf Mute College is incorporated
in Washington, D.C. (Now Gallaudet University)]

Father of Documentary Film Robert Joseph Flaherty
[1884 - Robert Joseph Flaherty, film producer,
born in Iron Mountain, Michigan]

Actress Katharine Cornell    Actress Katharine Cornell
[1893 - Katharine Cornell, actress, born in Berlin]

Actor Chester Morris
[1901 - (John) Chester Morris, actor,
born in New York City]

Charlie McCarthy with Edgar Bergen
[1903 - Edgar Bergen (Bergren), actor, ventriloquist,
born in Decatur, Michigan]

Songwriter Otis Blackwell    Songwriter Otis Blackwell
[1932 - Otis Blackwell, singer, songwriter, born in Brooklyn]

Dancer, Actress Gretchen Wyler
[1932 - Gretchen Wyler (Wienecke), dancer, actress,
born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma]

Singer Sonny Bono    Congressman Sonny Bono
[1935 - Salvatore Phillip 'Sonny' Bono, singer, entertainer, Congressman, born
in Detroit, Michigan]

[1937 - DuPont Corp patents nylon]

Governor Edmund G
[1996 - Edmund G. "Pat" Brown, California Governor, dies at age 90]


The moment of your triumph
Is immediately followed by
A dousing of reality,
From an ice-filled Gatorade bucket,
In the hands of those you led and trusted,
And who love you.

Gatorade bucket

William's Whimsical Words:

Reality is cold and wet, but curiously refreshing.

gator dance

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