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Ben Franklin's bifocals Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Philosopher Jeremy Bentham    Philosopher Jeremy Bentham bust
[1748 - Jeremy Bentham, philosopher, born in Spitalfields, London]

Johann Sutter    Pioneer John Sutter    California Pioneer John Sutter
[1803 - John (Johann Augustus) Sutter, California pioneer, general, born in Kandern, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany]

Inventor Cyrus  McCormick    The McCormick Reaper    Inventor Cyrus  McCormick
[1809 - Cyrus H. McCormick, inventor, businessman, born in Rockbridge County, Virginia]

Charles Tiffany    Jeweler Charles Tiffany
[1812 - Charles Lewis Tiffany, jeweler, born in Killingly, Connecticut]

Susan B. Anthony    Suffragette Susan B. Anthony   Suffragette Susan B. Anthony   Susan B. Anthony Dollar   Susan B. Anthony
[1820 - Susan B. Anthony, women's rights suffragette, born in Adams, Massachusetts]

Actor John Barrymore    Actor John Barrymore    Actor John Barrymore, Sr.
[1882 - John Sidney Barrymore (Blyth), actor, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

USS Maine moored    USS Maine sunk
[1898 - Battleship USS Maine blows up at anchor in Havana Harbor]

Composer Harold Arlen   Composer Harold Arlen at piano with his dog Shmutts   Composer Harold Arlen with his dog
[1905 - Harold Arlen (Hyman Arluck Arlen), composer, songwriter, born in Buffalo, New York]

Comedian Harvey Korman    Comedian Harvey Korman    Actor Harvey Korman
[1927 - Harvey Korman, Emmy Award-winning comedian, actor, born in Chicago]

Champion Auto Racer Graham Hill    F-I Champ Auto Racer Graham Hill in a Lotus
[1929 - Graham Hill, Triple Crown champion auto racer, born in Hampstead, London]

Nobel Physicist & Teacher Richard P. Feynman    Richard P. Feynman
[1988 - Richard P. Feynman, physicist (Nobel 1965), dies at age 69]

Why Ask Me? question?

Who has not had the experience of, asked for an opinion on some subject and having given it, being met by a spirited or angry rejection? Under such circumstances one can only assume that the questioner really sought not an opinion, but confirmation of a belief already held.

chewed out for answering the wrong way

William's Whimsical Words:

Being necessarily ignorant of what is in thy head, I can only tell thee what is in mine.

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