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Ben Franklin's bifocals Saturday, February 6, 2010

Poet Christopher Marlowe
[1564 - Christopher Marlowe, poet, dramatist,
born in Canterbury, England]

Signing of Treaty of Amity and Commerce and Treaty of Alliance with France
[1778 - France and USA sign Treaty of Amity and Commerce and Treaty of Alliance in Paris, France]

Massachusetts Statehouse    Massachusetts State Seal
[1788 - Massachusetts is the sixth state to enter the United States of America]

Baseball Great Babe Ruth    Baseball Great Babe Ruth
[1895 - Babe (George Herman) Ruth, baseball great, born in Baltimore, Maryland]

President Ronald Reagan   40th President Ronald Reagan
[1911 - Ronald Wilson Reagan, 40th U.S. President, born in Tampico, Illinois]

Actor John Lund
[1913 - John Lund, actor, born in Rochester, New York]

Actor Thurl Ravenscroft
[1914 - Thurl Arthur Ravenscroft, singer,
voice actor, born in Norfolk, Nebraska]

Director Francois Truffaut    Director Francois Truffaut
[1932 - Francois Truffaut, film director, born in Paris, France]

Songwriter & Singer Bob Marley    Bob Marley in concert
[1945 - Bob Marley, singer, reggae icon, born in Nine Mile, St. Ann, Jamaica]

Wrong Direction

If one were to offer evidence in support of the belief held by me and over seventy percent of my fellow citizens that Our Country has been headed in the wrong direction, the following bullet points would be on the short list:

Record numbers of Americans are losing their homes.
The economy is still hemorrhaging jobs instead of creating them.
One out of every hundred citizens is incarcerated.
The federal deficit is at record levels.
Casualties and violence in Afghanistan are on the rise.
Neither the stimulus package nor the TARP seem to have worked very well.
The numbers of our fellow Americans living in poverty continues to increase.
The numbers of our fellow Americans without health care continues to increase.
Our bridges fall down and our highways deteriorate.
The price tag for our military is three quarters of a trillion dollars.

William's Whimsical Words:

Other than that, the Nation seems to be getting by.

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