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Ben Franklin bifocals Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Roger Williams - independent cleric
[1631 - Roger Williams arrives in Boston]

PM Sir Robert Peel
[1788 - Sir Robert Peel, UK PM, statesman, born in Bury, Lancashire, England]

Senator Adlai Stevenson Adlai Stevenson at UN during Cuban Missile Crisis
[1900 - Adlai Stevenson, Senator, Democratic presidential candidate, Governor of Illinois, UN representative 1961-65, born in Los Angeles, California]

John Carradine in Stagecoach
[1906 - John (Richmond Reed) Carradine, actor, born in New York City]

William S. Burroughs - beat writer Burroughs' Naked Lunch
[1914 - William S. Burroughs, unconventional person & writer, born in St. Louis, Missouri]

Comedian & Actor Red Buttons
[1919 - Red Buttons (Aaron Chwatt), comedian, actor, born in New York City]

Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times
[1937 - Charlie Chaplin releases Modern Times, his first talkie]

The Sanctity of Practically Everything

Whenever folks begin to clamor about the sanctity of anything, we know we are in deep trouble. Who decides what is sacred? What is sacred to George may be to John profane, and to William a matter of personal choice.

"God requireth not an uniformity of Religion to be inacted and inforced in any civill state...true civility and Christianity may both flourish in a state or Kingdome, notwithstanding the permission of divers and contrary consciences, either of Jew or Gentile."

Roger Williams,
The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution, for Cause of Conscience, 1644.

Williams - his Bloody Tenent

William's Whimsical Words:

In most cases, an invocation of sanctity is just a disguised repression of the minority view.

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