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Ben Franklin bifocals Monday, February 3, 2014

Composer Felix Mendelssohn    Composer Felix Mendelssohn
[1809 - (Jakob Ludwig) Felix Mendelssohn (Bartholdy), composer, born in
Hamburg, Germany]

Editor Horace Greeley    Presidential Candidate Horace Greeley
[1811 - Horace Greeley, newspaper editor, politician, born in Amherst, New York]

Writer Gertrude Stein    Writer Gertrude Stein    Writer Gertrude Stein    Writer Gertrude Stein
[1874 - Gertrude Stein, writer, born in Allegheny, Pennsylvania]

Artist Norman Rockwell    Artist & Illustrator Norman Rockwell
[1894 - Norman Rockwell, artist, illustrator, born in New York City]

Writer James A. Michener    James A. Michener's Prizewinning Book    Pulitzer Prize Writer James A. Michener    Writer James A. Michener
[1907 - James A. Michener, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania]

Joey Bishop    Comedian Joey Bishop
[1918 - Joey Bishop (Gottlieb), comedian, actor, born in the Bronx]

Packer Halfback Elijah Pitts scoring Super-Bowl I TD
[1938 - Elijah Eugene Pitts, Green Bay Packers running back, born in Mayflower, Arkansas]

[1944 - U.S. troops capture the Marshall Islands]

Klaus Fuchs ID badge
[1950 - Klaus Fuchs arrested for passing
atomic bomb information to Soviets]

Buddy Holly - Ritchie Valens - Big Bopper
[1959 - Plane crash kills Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper]

Endangered Species Act - Florida panther    Endangered Species Act - Bald Eagle
[1973 - President Nixon signs The Endangered Species Act into law]

Artist vs. Artisan

An artist creates works that may not be appreciated during his or her lifetime, or ever.

An artisan produces things that work, and that are immediately useful.

Clearly, in a society that values things, it is safer to be an artisan than an artist.

William's Whimsical Words:

Perhaps we should all be artesians, and just be well.

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