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Ben Franklin bifocals Sunday, February 3, 2008

Johann Gutenberg - inventor printing press Gutenberg's printing press
[1468 - Johann Gutenberg, printer, dies]

Editor & Presidential Candidate Horace Greeley
[1811 - Horace Greeley, editor, politician, born in Amherst, New York]

Artist & Illustrator Norman Rockwell
[1894 - Norman Rockwell, artist, born in New York City]

Writer James A. Michener
[1907 - James A. Michener, novelist, born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania]

Comedian Joey Bishop
[1918 - Joey Bishop (Gottlieb), comedian, actor, born in the Bronx]

[1944 - U.S. troops capture the Marshall Islands]

Klaus Fuchs ID badge
[1950 - Klaus Fuchs arrested for passing atomic bomb information to Soviets]

Buddy Holly - Ritchie Valens - Big Bopper
[1959 - Plane crash kills Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper]

Endangered Species Act - Florida panther Endangered Species Act - Bald Eagle
[1973 - President Nixon signs Endangered Species Act into law]

Artist vs. Artisan

An artist creates works that may not be appreciated during life, or ever.

An artisan produces things that work, and that are immediately useful.

Clearly, in a society that values things, it is safer to be an artisan than an artist.

William's Whimsical Words:

Perhaps we should all be artesians, and just be well.

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