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Franklin bifocals Monday, January 30, 2017

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt       32nd President Franklin D. Roosevelt
[1882 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President, born in New Hyde Park, New York]

Actor Hugh Marlowe    Actor Hugh Marlowe    Actor Hugh Marlowe
[1911 - Hugh Marlowe (Hipple), actor, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

Actor David Wayne    Actor David Wayne
[1914 - David Wayne (McMeekan), Tony Award-winning actor, born in Traverse City, Michigan]

Actor John Ireland    Actor John Ireland    Actor John Ireland    Actor John Ireland
[1914 - John Benjamin Ireland, actor, born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada]

Comedian Dick Martin    Comedian Dick Martin
[1922 - Dick Martin, Emmy Award-winning comedian, born in Battle Creek, Michigan]

Singer Ruth Brown    Singer Ruth Brown    Singer Ruth Brown
[1928 - Ruth Brown (Weston), jazz & R&B singer, born in Portsmouth, Virginia]

Commentator Louis Rukeyser    Financial Commentator Louis Rukeyser
[1933 - Louis Richard Rukeyser, economic commentator, born in New York City]

Writer Richard Brautigan    Writer Richard Brautigan    A book by Richard Brautigan    Writer Richard Brautigan    Writer Richard Brautigan
[1935 - Richard Gary Brautigan, writer, poet, novelist, born in Tacoma, Washington]

Mahatma Gandhi
[1948 - Mahatma Gandhi is murdered by a
Hindu extremist in New Delhi]

Tet 1968 - War weary troops in Hue City    Tet 68 patch
[1968 - Tet Offensive begins in South Vietnam]

Super Bowl XVII - Riggins MVP    Super Bowl XVII ring
[1983 - Super Bowl XVII: Washington Redskins 27, Miami Dolphins 17]

Reborn Again

It is hard to comprehend why many folks are proud to proclaim that they have been born again. Having to go back to the beginning of a life and start over would seem to be necessary only if you had flunked one of its core requirements. Given the stressful and painful nature of the birthing process, once ought to be enough.

doctor coaxing the first breath from a newborn child

William's Whimsical Words:

Mammals are typically born helpless; unable to stand on their own, blind, and completely dependent on others of their species for the necessities of life.

newborn baby

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