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Franklin bifocals Saturday, January 28, 2017        Lunar New Year

Inventor William Burroughs    Burroughs adding machine    Inventor William Burroughs
[1857 - William Seward Burroughs, inventor, born in Rochester, New York]

Pianist Artur Rubinstein    Artur Rubinstein    Artur Rubinstein    Pianist Artur Rubinstein
[1887 - Artur Rubinstein, pianist, born in Lodz, Poland]

University of Chicago blanket
[1904 - University of Chicago awards first college sports letters (on blankets)
to seniors on its football team]

Choreographer Robert Alton    Choreographer Robert Alton
[1906 - Robert Alton (Hart), choreographer, born in Bennington, Vermont]

Actor Arnold Moss    Actor Arnold Moss
[1910 - Arnold Moss, actor, born in Brooklyn]

Artist Jackson Pollock    Artist Jackson Pollock    Abstract Artist Jackson Pollock    Artist Jackson Pollock's work
[1912 - Jackson Pollock, abstract painter, born in Cody, Wyoming]

Shuttle Challenger Crew Portrait
[1986 - Space shuttle Challenger explodes soon after launch, killing seven astronauts]

A Schism With Isms

Beware a belief that ends with an ism.
It has lived too long.
Orthodoxy's arisen.

William's Whimsical Words:

Does that admonition include skepticism?

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