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Franklin bifocals Friday, January 24, 2014

Sutter's Mill in 1852
[1848 - James W. Marshall discovers gold at the Sutter Mill, Coloma, California]

Author Edith Wharton    Author Edith Wharton    Author Edith Wharton    Author Edith Wharton
[1862 - Edith Wharton (Jones), Pulitzer Prize-winning author, novelist, short story writer, war relief worker, designer, born in New York City]

Broadcaster Jack Brickhouse    Broadcaster Jack Brickhouse
[1916 - Jack (John Beasley) Brickhouse, Hall of Fame broadcaster, born in Peoria, Illinois]

Actor Ernest Borgnine    Actor Ernest Borgnine    Actor Ernest Borgnine
[1917 - Ernest Borgnine (Ermes Effron Borgnino), Academy Award-winning actor, born in Hamden, Connecticut]

Actress Sharon Tate    Actress Sharon Tate    Actress Sharon Tate
[1943 - Sharon (Marie) Tate, actress, born in Dallas, Texas]

Singer & Songwriter Warren Zevon    Singer & Songwriter Warren Zevon    Singer & Songwriter Warren Zevon    Singer & Songwriter Warren Zevon
[1947 - Warren Zevon, singer, songwriter, born in Chicago]

Comedian John Belushi    Comedian John Belushi    Comedian & Actor John Belushi
[1949 - John (Adam) Belushi, comedian, actor, born in Chicago]

Sir Winston Churchill wartime poster    Winston Churchill with FDR    Sir Winston Churchill
[1965 - Sir Winston Churchill, PM of Britain (1940-45, 51-55), dies at age 90]

If I Were A Rich Man

Fiddler on the Roof

In Fiddler, Tevye sings of his dreams of wealth. Of course, he has five remarkable daughters. Tevye already was rich; he just didn't know it.

Tevye & family

William's Whimsical Words:

Being rich in family is a pleasure.
It would also help to have much treasure.
These two states aren't mutually exclusive.
Why in the world is the latter so elusive?

$100 bill

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