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Franklin bifocals Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sir Francis Bacon    Sir Francis Bacon - his book    Sir Francis Bacon statue
[1561 - Sir Francis Bacon, philosopher, scientist, writer, born in London]

George Gordon Lord Byron    George Gordon Lord Byron    George Gordon Lord Byron
[1788 - George Gordon, Lord Byron, poet, born in Aberdeen, Scotland]

Director D. W. Griffith    Director D. W. Griffith    Producer, Director D. W. Griffith
[1875 - D.W. (David Wark) Griffith, motion picture producer, director, born in La Grange, Kentucky]

Chief Justice Frederick Vinson    Treasury Secretary Frederick Vinson
[1890 - Frederick Vinson, Supreme Court Chief Justice, Treasury Secretary, born in
Lawrence County, Kentucky]

Choreographer George Balanchine - Teaching class    Choreographer George Balanchine    George Balanchine with Igor Stravinski
[1904 - George Balanchine (Georgi Balanchivadze), dancer, choreographer, ballet producer, born in St. Petersburg, Russia]

Actress Ann Sothern    Actress Ann Sothern
[1909 - Ann Sothern (Harriette Lake), actress, born in Valley City, North Dakota]

Trombonist J.J. Johnson    Jazz Musician J.J. Johnson
[1924 - J.J. (James Louis) Johnson, jazz trombonist, composer, bandleader, born in Indianapolis, Indiana]

Hall of Famer Lou Creekmur    Hall of Famer Lou Creekmur
[1927 - Lou (Louis) Creekmur, Detroit Lion Pro Football Hall of Famer, born in Hopelawn, New Jersey]

Singer Sam Cooke    Singer Sam Cooke
[1931 - Sam Cooke, singer, born in Clarksdale, Mississippi]

CIA patch
[1946 - Central Intelligence Group, CIA precursor,
established by President Harry S. Truman]

[1973 - Supreme Court recognizes women's abortion rights in Roe v. Wade]

Super Bowl XXIII - Joe Montana MVP    Super Bowl XXIII - ring    Super Bowl XXIII - Jerry Rice
[1989 - Super Bowl XXIII: San Francisco 49ers 20, Cincinnati Bengals 16]

A Modest Proposal

Constitution Preamble

There is talk of amending our Constitution every time the judiciary makes an unpopular ruling on a hot button social issue. Fortunately, the Founding Fathers made it difficult for us to tamper frivolously with their crowning achievement, so these misguided efforts usually die a well-deserved death. Those same Fathers were acutely aware of the evil that arises from a Tyranny of the Majority, and would have roundly condemned the Congress' efforts to weave a particular religious and cultural definition of marriage into the law of the land. Indeed, one expects they would applaud the Supreme Court's decision to strike down DOMA and leave such matters in the hands of individual citizens, or of the States, as they are now.

If you are going to mess with our Constitution, here is a proposal worthy of more serious attention than most others currently under consideration. It would add the following to Article I :

Section 11. Whenever the Congress shall consider any Declaration of War, or any Act or Resolution that authorizes the commitment of the Armed Forces to combat, or the funding of such activity, only the votes of those Members who have previously served in combat, and those who have children or grandchildren currently on active duty with the Armed Forces of the United States of America shall be counted.

A two thirds majority of such votes shall be necessary for the passage of any such measure.

The maximum term of any such Declaration of War, Act, or Resolution that puts the Armed Forces into active combat shall be one year, although such actions of the Congress may be renewed and continued indefinitely after full and careful consideration.

US Capitol Building

William's Whimsical Words:

A rational society makes it easy for individuals to establish long-term caring relationships, and hard for governments to wage war.

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