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Franklin bifocals Monday, January 21, 2008
Martin Luther King Day
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Patriot Ethan Allen Ethan Allen Monument
[1738 - Ethan Allen, Revolutionary War leader of Green Mountain Boys, born in Litchfield, Connecticut]

General Stonewall Jackson Stonewall Jackson statue
[1824 - Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, born in Clarksburg, Virginia (now West Virginia)]

Actor Paul Scofield
[1922 - Paul Scofield, Academy and Tony award-winning actor, born in Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, UK]

Actor Telly Savalas
[1922 - Telly (Aristotle) Savalas, Emmy Award-winning actor, born in Garden City, New York]

Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin
[1924 - Vladimir Lenin dies]

DJ Wolfman Jack
[1939 - Wolfman Jack (Robert Weston Smith), disc jockey, born in Brooklyn]

[1976 - Concorde SST aircraft begins regular commercial service]

Perfect Democracy At Last

A dear friend of William's gifted him with this quote from H. L. Mencken:

As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.

H.L. Mencken

President Bush - What, me worry?

William's Whimsical Words:

When that glorious day comes, and after the president has manifest his incompetence in the job for four years, those same plain folks and their friends will blithely reelect him.

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