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Franklin bifocals Friday, January 18, 2008

Captain James Cook
[1778 - Captain James Cook is first European to discover Hawaiian Islands]

Thesaurus Creater Peter Roget
[1779 - Peter Roget, lexicographer, born in London]

Statesman Daniel Webster
[1782 - Daniel Webster, orator, lawyer, statesman, born in Salisbury, New Hampshire]

A.A. Milne with Christopher Robin Milne A.A. Milne - Pooh Stories
[1882 - A.A. Milne, writer, born in Scotland]

Comedian Oliver Hardy Laurel and Hardy in the movies
[1892 - Oliver (Norvell) Hardy, comedian, born in Harlem, Georgia]

Actor Cary Grant
[1904 - Cary Grant (Archibald Alexander Leach), actor, born in Horfield, Bristol, England]

Scott's Party at South Pole
[1912 - Scott reaches the South Pole]

Comedian & Actor Danny Kaye
[1913 - Danny Kaye (David Daniel Kaminski), comedian, dancer, singer, actor, born in Brooklyn]

Warsaw Jews being deported to Treblinka
[1943 - Germans resume deportation of Jews from Warsaw Ghetto to Treblinka]

Merry, Merry, Oh Contrary

Dr. Condoleeza Rice with President Bush

Condi, Condi, quite the bondy,
How does your influence grow?
With pretty words to fool us nerds,
And coffins all in a row.

flag-draped coffins reaching US soil

Condi, Condi, now at State,
Will you ever get it straight?
With foolish words that fall like turds,
Respect for America has turned to hate.

Condi Rice

William's Whimsical Words:

While you and your President destabilize the Middle East, in our backyard one Latin American nation after another elects a leftist leader. Foreign Policy is not a game for amateurs, Madam Secretary.

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