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Franklin bifocals Thursday, January 9, 2014

Connecticut Capitol Building
[1788 - Connecticut ratifies the Constitution, becoming the fifth state in the Union]

Writer Karel Capek    Writer Karel Capek
[1890 - Karel Capek, writer, born in Male Svatonovice, Bohemia, Czech Republic]

Gracie Fields    Actress Gracie Fields
[1898 - Gracie Fields (Grace Stansfield), singer, comedienne, born in Rochdale, Lancashire, England]

Actress Vilma Banky    Actress Vilma Banky
[1898 - Vilma Banky (Koncsics), actress, born in Nagydorog, Austria-Hungary (now Hungary)]

Cartoonist Chic Young    Cartoonist Chic Young's Dagwood & Blondie
[1901 - Chic (Murat Bernard) Young, cartoonist, born in Chicago, Illinois]

President Richard Milhous Nixon leaving after resignation    37th President Richard Milhous Nixon
[1913 - Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th U.S. President, born in Yorba Linda, California]

Actor Fernando Lamas
[1915 - Fernando Alvaro Lamas (y de Santos), actor,
born in Buenos Aires, Argentina]

Actress Anita Louise    Actress Anita Louise
[1915 - Anita Louise (Fremault), actress, born in New York City]

Actor Lee Van Cleef    Actor Lee Van Cleef
[1925 - Lee (Clarence LeRoy) Van Cleef, actor, born in Somerville, New Jersey]

Actress Susannah York    Actress Susannah York
[1939 - Susannah York (Susannah Yolande Fletcher), actress, born in Chelsea, London]

Might is Right

The ruthless and relentless application of might is what subdues populations and wins wars. Anything less, no matter how well intentioned or justified, merely prolongs the conflict, causes unnecessary casualties, and increases the magnitude of human suffering. The failure to seek a quick and decisive victory by all means available is cruel and irresponsible. Since all war is immoral, dividing up weapons into moral and immoral categories is an exercise in stupidity. The only thing that has prevented the use of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons over the last several decades is the threat of retaliation by the enemy with like agents of mass destruction.

William's Whimsical Words:

The only thing worse than a savage conflict is a prolonged one.

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