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Franklin bifocals Monday, January 6, 2014

Joan of Arc
[1412 - Joan of Arc (Jeanne D'Arc), heroine, born in Domremy, France]

Mountain Man Jedediah Smith    Explorer Jedediah Smith
[1799 - Jedediah Strong Smith, trader, explorer, mountain man, born in Jericho, New York]

Poet Carl Sandburg    Poet Carl Sandburg    Poet Carl Sandburg    Historian Carl Sandburg
[1878 - Carl Sandburg, author, poet, historian, born in Galesburg, Illinois]

Actor Tom Mix
[1880 - Tom (Thomas Hezikiah) Mix, western silent film actor, born in Mix Run, Pennsylvania]

House Speaker Sam Rayburn
[1882 - Samuel T. Rayburn, (D-TX), Speaker of the House
(1940-57), born in Roane County, Tennessee]

Actor Danny Thomas    Actor Danny Thomas with Marlene Dietrich Actor Danny Thomas
[1912 - Danny Thomas ( Amos Muzyad Yakhoob Kairouz), Emmy Award-winning actor, comedian, born in Deerfield, Michigan]

Actress Loretta Young    Actress Loretta Young
[1913 - Loretta (Gretchen Michaela) Young, Academy & Emmy Award-winning actress, born in Salt Lake City]

Hall of Fame Pitcher Early Wynn    Early Wynn Hall of Fame plaque    Hall of Fame Pitcher Early Wynn
[1920 - Early 'Gus' Wynn, Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher, born in Hartford, Alabama.]

Banjo Virtuoso Earl Scruggs    Banjo Virtuoso Earl Scruggs
[1924 - Earl Eugene Scruggs, musician (banjo), born in Shelby, North Carolina]

Auto Innovator John DeLorean    Auto Innovator John DeLorean with DMC prototype    Auto Innovator John DeLorean
[1925 - John Zachary DeLorean, automobile industry innovator, born in Detroit]

Mr. Universe Mickey Hargitay    Actor Mickey Hargitay as Hercules
[1926 - Mickey (Miklos) Hargitay, bodybuilder, actor, born in Budapest, Hungary]

Writer's Mantra

Drink when thirsty.
Sleep when tired.
Eat when hungry.
Write whenever you can.

Edgar Allen at writing desk

William's Whimsical Words:

Good writing does not come naturally, but naturally comes from writing good.

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